Pain Relief for the Weekend Warrior — Tips to Manage Muscle Soreness

Maintaining a healthy balance in your fitness routine, and in the physical activity that comes with the chaos of everyday life, isn’t always an easy feat. Especially for those special men in our lives – anything from a casual morning run or workout to weekend yard work, coaching sporting events and playing with the kids can cause the ever-annoying strain of muscle soreness.

Specialists say soreness is typically caused from microscopic tears within muscle tissues… which is what happens when we exercise. The pain is the body’s way of alerting us that it’s in the process of repairing itself, and that you should probably take it easy for a few days.

While a little muscle tenderness doesn’t pose a huge health threat (assuming it isn’t caused by a broken bone or a torn ligament), the condition might have him limping around post-activity and delay movement. And, really, with all the hustle and bustle of a regular Weekend Warrior… who has time for that?

There’s no medically-proven treatment for muscle soreness, but there are some things he can keep in mind to help minimize it. With June being National Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to spread awareness about ways to make his life a bit more enjoyable and a little less ‘painful.’

Top Three Ways to Ease His Muscle Pain:

Massage: Sticking true to our roots with this one, but it can never be stressed enough that massage has been proven to enable optimal athletic performance as well as enhance the everyday range of motion for muscles. It can ease soreness by promoting blood flow and reducing tightness. Different methods of massage (particularly Sports Massage for the active man!) can benefit the musculoskeletal system in different ways.

Hot and Cold Therapy:

Increasing circulation throughout the body is key in recuperating those minuscule muscle tears and easing soreness. Research has shown that if you apply ice (or a cold pack) for 15 minutes, then switch it up to a heat compress for another 15, and so on, that muscle pain can be alleviated. The relief comes from alternating between hot and cold… who says fire and ice don’t complement each other?


Gentle stretching of the tender area can relieve the feeling of tightness and minimize pain. Stretching isn’t only for athletes; by incorporating it into your daily routine—say at the beginning and end of each day—it can reap benefits for the Everyday Dad, the Weekend Warrior, or anyone seeking to add a little more pep to his step with a stride free of muscle aches. Here are some stretches from Fit Day that can help to prevent soreness: http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/fitness/exercises/prevent-muscle-soreness-with-these-10-stretches.html#b.

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